My Crazy Marketing

Ingrandisci le immagini e non fermarti all'apparenza... Guarda oltre. Io racconto STORIA. Trova le frasi nascoste e dai una logica a tutto se riesci.Solo Pochissime persone sono in grado di trovare il nesso che collega tutto in ogni singola pubblicità.
Buon Divertimento! Giuseppe Polizzi Genio Pubblicitario.

Expand the images and don’t stop at appearances... look beyond. I’m telling HISTORY. Find the hidden images and make out the logic behind them if you can.Only a few people are able to find the logical connection that links every single advertisement.
Have fun! Giuseppe Polizzi, the advertisement genius

Look beyond and discover what is hidden behind my advertisements. This is Giuseppe Polizzi's Crazy Marketing, my way of being noticed and also the smartest way of making an advertisement interesting and yet to be discovered! What are you waiting for? Dwell upon the images, look at them closely and you will look beyond too.

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My crazy Marketing - Giuseppe Polizzi - Advertising Genius